Community Engagement

Supporting local parents to engage with LEAP and wider early years services.

How does LEAP Community Engagement work?

The ‘LEAP Community Engagement Strategy’ (LCES) was produced with Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) partners and LEAP parents and families.  

The focus of the strategy is to support the following three outcomes:

  1. To help local families engage with LEAP and wider early years services.

  2. To create rich community networks, open to all LEAP families.

  3. To put people in the lead by giving LEAP parents a strong voice in the running of both LEAP and all our local services and projects.

To support the delivery of the strategy we have a LEAP Community Engagement Team and work in partnership with several local community organisations.

What happens when you attend a LEAP Community Engagement session?

There are many reasons and benefits to attend our local community engagement events and activities. These include to: 

  • Reduce isolation and loneliness for parents by providing a safe and comfortable space for you to meet other parents and learn from shared experiences.

  • Gain confidence by improving your knowledge of the local area and find out what is going on in your community

  • Acquire knowledge of and training on the latest parenting techniques and information for families with young children

Community Engagement

How to get involved in LEAP Community Engagement

There are several ways for local people, families and organisations to get involved.

  • Attend one of our regular ‘stay in touch’ events and activities that take place every week. 

  • Attend our LEAP Early Years Forum to give your opinion and help shape the LEAP programme

  • Become a volunteer.

  • Become a parent representative and speak on behalf of local families and help influence change and build awareness at our Partnership Board Meetings

Friday Family Fun at Myatt's Field, with Healthy Living Platform

Contact information

If you have any questions, ideas or require any further information please contact the engagement team: 

Saffron Mykels, Community Engagement Officer

Phone: 07377 665 580


Or you can get in touch with the Family Engagement Worker (FEW) in your ward:

Vassall: Clare Maple-Foster or Sylvia Hylton /

Coldharbour (Max Roach): Joanna Niedzielska or Shevan James /

Stockwell: Marta Sordyl

Tulse Hill (LEAP): Saffron Mykels (Family Engagement Worker soon be in post)

Contact information

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