Parent Reps

Community representatives at LEAP board meetings

About Parent Reps

Each LEAP ward has two or three elected ‘Parent Representatives’.

Parent Reps help organise quarterly Early Years Parent Forums in their community. At these meetings, Parent Reps listen to and record insights from parents and community members about what is good and what is bad in their area regarding early years services.

How does it work?

At each LEAP Partnership Board meeting, Parent Reps have time to present these insights and to answer any questions from board members. The only other standing item at board meetings is a report from the LEAP Director.

What are the outcomes?

Through Parent Reps, LEAP can better understand the views of the local community about the types of support on offer for families with very young children. Board meetings also present an opportunity for our local parents to meet with and express their opinions about early years services to a wide-range of local stakeholders from across the public and voluntary sectors.

LEAP Parent Reps at the Partnership Board Meeting

How to get involved

For more information about Parent Reps, please email or call the team and they will get back to you as soon as they can. 

Catherine Walsh - Parent Volunteering Manager

Phone:  0207 582 4182

How to get involved

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