Group Pregnancy Care

In light of the current coronavirus/covid-19 government recommendations, your antenatal care will continue, but it will be delivered differently. If your midwife has not already been in touch with you, please call them in the normal way and they will explain how you will continue to be cared for.

How will Group Pregnancy Care support you?

It is an opportunity for women who are expecting their baby within 3-4 weeks of each other to come together regularly as a group and share their experiences, questions and worries.

The women who attend the group remain together for their whole pregnancy, with an emphasis on creating a shared social space and building privacy and trust.

Mothers are actively involved in their own care and there is an emphasis on informed choice.

How does Group Pregnancy Care work?

Women receive all their clinical antenatal care in a group environment, including facilitative discussions on a range of subjects across the public health agenda, pregnancy, birth, parenthood and mental wellbeing.

Each appointment is two hours in length with no waiting time. It is also facilitated by the same midwives to provide continuity.

What happens when you attend Group Pregnancy Care?

Research has shown that this model of care encourages friendship groups and support, reduces stress and enables more questions and answers to be discussed. 

Mothers reported that they liked being partners in their care and taking an active role.

How to get involved

Pregnant women living in the LEAP area are offered Group Pregnancy Care at their booking appointment.

If you have not been offered Group Pregnancy Care you can email the team, who will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Anna Gaudion – Lead Midwife

How to get involved

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