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What is it?

The LEAP Environmental Health service aims to increase the availability of healthier food choices for LEAP families. 

The service works with food establishments, influencing and encouraging them to offer healthier options, use healthier cooking methods and provide baby and family-friendly environments. 

Those businesses that make the necessary changes will receive an award and display a window sticker, allowing families to choose where to go for out-of-home food and be confident that healthier choices are available.


The businesses below have all received an award and are serving healthy choices in family friendly environments:

Who is the training for?

The service is for establishments that sell or serve food to LEAP families.

Focus of the training

The training will help local food businesses and other organisations serving food in the LEAP area to provide healthy food for LEAP families.

Problem being addressed

In some of our local areas, it is difficult to find healthy out-of-home food options or to work out what is healthy and what is not healthy. Some of our LEAP families have also found it difficult to find baby and family-friendly establishments. To help LEAP families adopt healthier diets and lifestyles, we need to go beyond advice by changing the local food environment.

Problem being addressed

What is the offer to practitioners?

The service is very much aimed at food establishments operating within the LEAP areas, so there is limited scope for practitioners to directly benefit. However, the success of the service will rely on families being aware of the award scheme, so practitioners could help by telling families about it.

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How do I take part?

If you would like to know more about the service, please contact LEAP’s Senior Community and Environmental Health Officer Liza Ctori on ectori@lambeth.gov.uk or 020 7926 6195 or 07734 001840.

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